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Card Linked Loyalty + SMS

= Repeat Visits & Sales

Merchants Set the Rules. Customers Enjoy the Rewards.


Card-Linked Loyalty

Automatically enroll your customers while capturing required marketing consent for SMS

sms texting

SMS Marketing

Share offers. Keep customers engaged with offers and deals. Invite back in for special events and discounts.

What’s So Special About Our Loyalty Program?

Repeatable Engagement and Increased Sales

Loyalty programs are a dime a dozen. Customers expect to be asked at the cash register for their email address in exchange for discounts and offers. Sometimes they are in a rush to just leave a store and don’t have extra time.

But who doesn’t love a great deal?

What if customers could just sign up for the rewards while simultaneously swiping their credit card and sharing their mobile number?


No Smartphone App or Card Needed.


Link your customer’s credit card to your program.


PCI Compliant Technology keeping your customer’s data safe.

Share Offers Effortlessly Via Text (SMS)

Grow With vLoyalty Today


Patented technology that links the consumers credit card to the loyalty program 


Mobile Marketing

98 % of people open SMS campaigns compared to 12% for email.

Easily create campaigns for your best customers!

Online Portal

vLoyalty increases member spend by 42%

Monitor program, build campaigns, and watch average spending increase.

  • PCI Compliant
  • FPE (Format Preserving Encryption) is used to protect sensitive cardholder data
  • Middle 6 digits of the card are encrypted

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